Wanna try Martial Arts?
If you have No experience
Read this!

7 things you need to know so even the inexperienced can
become good at Martial Arts quickly!

Welcome to Clube de Jiujitsu(CDJJ) !
My name is Toshiyuki Sato, founder of CDJJ。At 20 years old I became a
Pro MMA fighter and at 22 I became interested in Brazilian Jiujitsu which lead
me to Brazil to study the art. After a year and a half I placed 3rd in the World
Championships in Rio de Janeiro.
If you are thinking about trying MMA - why haven’t you yet?

Here are reasons why you think that you may not be able to start:
You think that you would be:
・Too weak
・Not athletic enough
・Not able to keep up
・Lacking time
・Injured easily
・Too Amateur

If these were any of your answers you are making a big mistake. Martial Arts
can be practiced safely by anyone regardless of age, athleticism, gender or
body type.

This is how CDJJ can help you become better and stronger with these 7 tips.

Why being inexperienced will be good?

Blank slate
An inexperienced person will have little if any knowledge of martial arts .
The experienced will have their own style, preferences etc which would be
an obstacle in learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. As a beginner you will learn easily
without other arts you have studied getting in the way of training.

Non-conventional thinking
Brazilian Jiujitsu like the name suggests was born in Brazil. Brazilians are free
thinking individuals. Are you not interested in people like Soccer’s Neymar.
Imagine that type of freedom and style. A benefit of not having an experience
will allow to be more free thinking.

Little need for Strength
The concept of Brazilian Jiujitsu is that a smaller or weaker person can
successfully defend themselves from a larger or stronger opponent.

A beginner can be strong without having experience but it is the technique
that will set him or her apart in the future. I have seen numerous cases of this

This is my realization as a coach for 15 years that the beginner can improve
leaps and bounds without prior experience.

So What are the seven things you need to know?

We at CDJJ believe that you will become better at following these tips.Read
below for the tips ! !

● Reliance on technique over power and force

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques are based on timing and leverage so there is little
use for power.

This will result in

✓Injury Prevention.
✓ Injury prevention to your opponent
✓Enjoyable practices .
✓Faster progression and longer and more frequent practice sessions because
you won’t be tired or sore.

● Law of the jungle

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s strength is on the ground making it awkward for opponents
not familiar with it.

If a crocodile and a lion fought which do you think would win? Difficult question.

In the water the crocodile drags its land prey back into the water because it is
draws them away from what is comfortable and this where an alligator can win
over stronger land animals ! ! This is where the crocodile can defeat the lion.
Even if it isn’t the strongest crocodile.

Your advantage lies on the ground which will allow you to take your opponents
into territory they are not familiar with.

● Positioning

To create a dominant situation by taking advantage of key critical positions.

Most martial arts fight in the state of standing. But in Jiu-jitsu the center is
groundwork . For example, you should think of the Osaekomi of judo or pins of
wrestling. The person on top maybe look they are winning but the person who
know Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can also win from the bottom.

● Strategy of letting your opponent become tired

By taking advantage of the ground and the positioning mentioned above it
will be easy for you to get your opponent tired. It is easier to defeat a tired

● Attacking critical points of weakness

You can win faster by having your opponent submit to joint locks and
strangleholds. A stranglehold can defeat the biggest and strongest of
opponents or injure them via joint locks.

● Knowing how the body works

The body has certain limitations of movement. You will know how to manipulate
your opponents balance, timing and weak points while manipulating yours to

● Solutions to problems.

They are no tricks , the techniques are there but you will have to find yourself
in problems through practice to implement them to solve them. This is why it is
necessary to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Y ou are guaranteed to becom e good at
M artial A rts or a better M artial A rtist.

Besides becoming better at Martial Arts
There are more benefits…

Here are some positive things that our
members say:

「Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has given me more confidence.」

「My Asthma has become better and overall I feel generally in better health」

「I don’t go crash diets anymore since Jiu-Jitsu has conditioned me to eat
healthy all year round. 」

「I no longer get frustrated at work and can stay calm under pressure. My
efficiency is also up.」

「I was able to lose 22 kg in six months thanks to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I was
able to escape from a life of unhealthiness.」

「I thought I would be injured but it is very safe to practice day in day out」

「It moved me away from metabolic syndrome and now I can fit into cool

「I have become more extroverted」

「I can meet with people from all industries because we are all here for the
same reason」

「I now more sociable as a person.」

「I have become more flexible and athletic. 」

「I have made friends from all age groups and different countries」

「I have more conversations with people from different backgrounds」

「I am feel confident to defend myself and my family」

「I sleep better and I now make healthier food choices」

「My body,mind and spirit have become healthier」

「It brings balance to my life, there is a sense of fulfillment.」

「My friends in the dojo are also my friends outside the dojo. I was happy to
make friends.」

「I can continue doing this sport until I am old because it is now part of my

You will not only become a Martial Artist but you will also become a better
person and part of a community.

Unfortunately to take part in our beginner program for the inexperienced the
following styles will count as experience.

(Less than 6 months training)

Striking and traditional based Martial Artist are more than welcome to enter the
beginner program.

CDJJ is the only place that will help the inexperienced and the beginner as the

Let’s S um m arize:

● Y ou have learnt seven things you need to know to becom e good
at B razilian Jiu-jitsu
● Y ou can becom e really good besides being inexperienced.
● Y ou can learn com fortably because everyone in the class is
inexperienced and the sam e level.
● Y ou can only do this at C D JJ.
● T hey m ore than physical benefits
● It w ill have a great im pact on your life.

If you have read this far you obviously w ant the benefits of B razilian
Jiu-Jitsu at C D JJ. Let's get started now ! !

S tart R isk-Free.

First apply for a one w eek FR EE trial。
O ne w eek free- absolutely free- D on’t pay a single dollar or yen.

Free B JJ G i as a present

A fter enjoying your first w eek and you decide to join W e w ill give a free B JJ G i. This saves you 15,000 yen if you had to buy it yourself.

No Entrance Fees

It costs 10,000 yen at m ost places but as part of our beginner program w e will waive
it. T hat is another 10,000 yen in savings!

You save more than 50% if you start now!

What you would pay at other gyms or dojos.
10,000円(Entrance Fee)+12,340円(First Month’s Subcription )+1850円
(Insurance)+15,000円 (BJJ Gi)=39,190円

With us you only pay:
12,340円(First Month’s Subcription)+1,850円(Insurance)=14,190円


I hope strongly that w hat I w rote show s you the benefit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.Even
the w eak and inexperienced can overcome, you just do not know how to be at that level. B razilian Jiu-Jitsu is the the way.

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